Pen Pals at Valley Springs

Pen Pals from Kansas
Posted on 03/20/2017

Using a Unit Theme of The Wizard of Oz, Peyton Young's Valley Springs PEP class was immersed in a study about Kansas, it's history, weather, land formations, landmarks, and exciting attractions. The class read books, watched documentaries and used Google Earth to see certain places throughout the state. However, the most exciting part of the study and research was being able to communicate with another classroom in Kansas through pen-pal letters! Ms Young and her friend, Ms Fox, who teaches at Stoney Point North Elementary in Kansas City, collaborated to use pen-pal letters to teach their students not only about writing but also about the 2 different states the students lived in. Ms. Young's class asked their Kansas friends about tornados, what they like to do for fun in Kansas, and what it is like to live there. Through this unit has ended, Ms. Young's students continue to write to their pen-pals and learn more and more about Kansas and their new friends!