Extra Curricular Activities


Following is a partial list of possible extra curricular activities at the Progressive Education Program. These activities are designed to add enriching experiences for our students.

ART SHOW: Usually there are two art shows each year at a local mall in which our students participate. One is for elementary grades and one for high school grades. These shows give us an opportunity to display the artistic talents of our students.

FIELD TRIPS: Field trips can accomplish many purposes such as:

a. working on IEP goals,

b. generalizing concepts being taught in the classroom,

c. helping students develop an awareness of community resources and events, 

d. developing community awareness of our students and the PEP program.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS: The Special Olympics is affiliated with the international, state, and local organization, giving individuals the chance to compete in athletic events and improve physical fitness. Progressive Education Program students are encouraged to participate in Special Olympics Games. The county-wide Special Olympics Track Event is held at the TC Roberson Stadium on the First Thursday of May each year.

VERY SPECIAL ARTS FESTIVAL: The Very Special Arts Festival is a national and state organization designed to give individuals exposure to different types of fine arts. Students enjoy performances, learn from artists, put on their own productions, and participate in art & craft activities.