When medication must be given at school by personnel, the following criteria must be met:

  • Medication must be prescribed by a licensed health care provider.

  • A Medication Authorization Form must be completed for each medication prescribed.

  • A new authorization form must be completed each year and any time dosage or directions


  • All authorization forms must be reviewed by the school nurse.

  • No medication can be given unless the Medication Authorization Form has been completed. This includes over the counter or as needed medications.

  • All items on the Medication Authorization Form must be completed and signed by the licensed health care provider and the parent. For everyone’s convenience, this form can be faxed from the health care provider to our office fax: 681-0205.

    Medications must be brought to school in the original container by the student’s parent/guardian and given to the classroom teacher, school secretary, or program administrator. A student may never carry medication(s) to school or on the bus, due to safety and liability issues.

    1. Medication must be in the original container labeled by the pharmacy or health care provider. Medication in a plastic bag or unmarked container cannot be administered.

    2. ThemedicationlabelmustmatchtheinformationontheMedication Authorization Form.

    3. Each student’s medication(s) will be kept in a locked area and documentation will be maintained by the staff as to when medication is given and by whom.

    4. Discontinued medications are to be picked up by the parent/guardian.