All Classrooms implement the Extensions of the North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards.

Students will be exposed to  a wide range of books, including picture books, poems, short chapter books, and short informational materials. They will be shown how to predict, sequence, and summarize story events. Teachers help students understand that the text to makes sense, and, understand new vocabulary and or symbols.

Students write to tell about an experience, to tell a story, or to describe. They use both symbols and pictures. They use "alternative pencils" (alphabet charts, computer keyboards) as a strategy.

The mathematics curriculum is organized into five strands:
(1) number and operations; (2) measurement; (3) geometry; (4) data analysis and probability; and, (5) algebra. Problem-solving strategies are embedded into each of the 5 strands.

The focus is using the student's senses to make observations
Science Concepts: The needs of living organisms, and using their own rules to classify living and nonliving objects. Understanding of solid earth materials, Properties & relationships of objects, Understanding of motion, balance, and weighing of objects
Daily Living Skills
The focus is to increase independence and improve the qualityof life for all students.

The Healthful Living Education program promotes behaviors that contribute to an improved quality of life for all students. The Healthful Living Education portions of the NC Standard Course of Study are adapted to support and reinforce the goals and objectives of its two major components—health education and physical education.