Attendance Policy


We believe that it is important for the Progressive Education Program students

to attend school regularly and consistently for these reasons:

  1. Students learn more readily when involved in ongoing daily learning activities.

  2. Absences leave gaps in learning. Consistency leads to successful growth.

  3. When students are absent they miss activities that cannot be repeated.

For the above reasons and in the best interest of our students, we will expect students and parents to follow these attendance policies.

Absences that will be legally excused are for:

1. Illness
2. Death in the immediate family
3. Medical or dental appointments
4. Emergency situations in the home

For an absence to be legally excused, a student must bring a note from the parent to the school on the day he/she returns. AFTER THE FIFTH CONSECUTIVE ABSENCE, A NOTE FROM A DOCTOR IS REQUIRED WHEN A STUDENT RETURNS TO SCHOOL.

Please notify the office and your child’s teacher in advance regarding the need for the student to be absent due to medical or dental appointments except in emergency cases.

According to Buncombe County School Board Policy, all other absences are unexcused and may be handled in the following manner:

Every child who has reached his/her seventh birthday but not his/her sixteenth birthday is required by the Compulsory Attendance Law of the N.C. Constitution and by the Buncombe County Board of Education to attend school. Therefore, after three consecutive unexcused absences or 6 total unexcused absences, an attendance counselor may be contacted.

Students between five years and seven years or between sixteen and twenty-two years have the right and privilege to attend school although they are not required by law to attend. However, because of our school's general philosophy regarding regular school attendance, the following procedures will be followed for these students:

  • After three consecutive unexcused absences or six total unexcused absences, a family conference may be called to determine the cause of the problem and possible solutions.

  • If your child’s physician determines that his or her medical condition may result in excessive absences, you must request that the physician complete a “medically fragile form,” which we keep on file. ONLY STUDENTS CLASSIFIED IN WRITING AS MEDICALLY FRAGILE BY THEIR PHYSICIAN WILL BE EXCUSED FROM ABSENCES RELATED TO THEIR MEDICAL CONDITION