School Bus Rules


    1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    2. Follow staff members’ instructions.

    3. Remain sitting in your seat until the driver or TSA tells you that you can get up.

    4. When being picked up by the bus, stay back from the road until the bus stops.

    5. When getting off the bus, go straight into the house or the school.

    6. No food or drink on bus (except with permission of bus staff).

    PARENTS: The bus will arrive at the house at the scheduled time and wait up to 5 minutes. If the student has not come out of the house within 5 minutes to get on the bus, the bus will pull away and proceed on the route. The bus will not return to a home where they have already waited unless there has been an emergency, because they must be considerate of the schedule of other students on the route. Your bus safety assistant and/or driver will give you his/her cell number. Please maintain communication with bus personnel, and notify them if your child will not be riding the bus for any reason.

When a student is sent home, due to illness during the school day, the bus driver will be informed by the teacher and the bus will generally not pick up the student the next day – to allow him/her time to get well. Parents are requested to call the bus driver, after a student’s illness, to let the driver know when he/she is able to return to school.

If the school district is closed where your student’s bus is parked, the bus will not run due to hazardous conditions in that district. The student’s absence will be excused. If the school district is open where your student’s bus parks, the bus will run and will pick up students who live in OPEN school districts only. If Asheville City Schools are closed and PEP is open, the PEP bus will not pick up students living inside the ACS boundaries. If your student’s bus does not run and you choose to bring them to school, you will also need to pick them up from school in the afternoon at 2:30.