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Here are our classroom supply and wish lists for this school year:

This year's supply list is as follows:

- Swimming supplies which will at least include a swimsuit and towel but may also include swim shoes, nose plugs, etc. depending on your particular student...Please label these things with your child's name.

- At least one full change of clothes including undergarments (but if you feel your student may need more, please send them...we have plenty of cabinet space!!)

- Necessary hygiene items (examples of these items may include but are not limited to deodorant, a hairbrush, feminine hygiene items, etc.)

- Supplies necessary for daily toileting needs (including diapers, wipes, etc) for an average of 3 changes per day (Please continue to send these throughout the year!)

-Any medications (daily, PRN, or emergency) - These REQUIRE parent/guardian delivery and pick-up as well as appropriate paperwork before use.  DO NOT send these on the bus. These do include things such as diaper cream also.

-Any specialized items for your student's daily food needs. These may include breakfast, a school or home-packed lunch, as well as any other items specific to your student.  If there is an allergy or other dietary concern for us to monitor, please let us know and we will work with you to make sure your student's needs are met as well as all appropriate paperwork is in place.  Our school cafeteria does provide both breakfast and lunch options daily.  They are very good at working with special dietary needs for our students as long as they are indicated on a diet order.

-wipes for use in the restroom (Please continue to send these in throughout the year to help replenish our supply!)

- 1, 1-inch 3 ring binder (Preferably the kind t­­hat has the clear pockets on the outside so that you can slide a piece of paper in to make a cover.  This binder will be used as a class year book for your son or daughter.  We will fill it with all the activities of the school year.  In June, your child will bring home a great book of memories.)

- 1 pack (or more) of clear page protectors, preferably heavy duty (we use these for various items in the classroom including the student memory books).

- 1 pack of white card stock or 1 pack 20 lb copy paper

- kleenex

- a pocket folder with 3 prongs for use as a home/school notebook (the plastic ones seem to hold up better)

-hand sanitizer


This year’s wish list is as follows: (these are things we would love to have at any point in the year!)

- cardstock (both colored and white)

- binders (any size but we mostly use 1-inch and 3-inch ones and prefer the ones that have the clear pockets on the outsides so that you can slide a piece of paper in to make a cover)

- patterned or colored computer paper for use in our writing and class year books

- printer paper (both colored and white)

- dry erase markers (both regular size and the skinny ones)

-sharpies (both regular and skinny ones)

- heavy duty page protectors

- Velcro (the little dots are especially helpful)

- packing tape

- wipes (baby or flushable)

- kleenex

-screen wipes for the touchscreen computers and tablets

-hand sanitizer 

 Thank you so much and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to another great year! 

                Ms. Katie and Staff                


Please remember you can still help support the school using box tops.  However, they have transitioned from the cut out boxtops to digital ones accessed by scanning your shopping receipts.  Please check out the box top website for more information.  The link to it is:  Thanks!
Also, if you have an Ingles advantage card, please do not forget to link it to PEP.  This helps us to generate funds for our school in a very easy way.  If you are unsure how to do this, please let us know and we can help you out.  Here is a link to a little more information about the program: http://

PEP can also be chosen as the charity you donate to when shopping on  Just go to and choose the Progressive Education Program as your organization of choice!
This year all students will be provided with the opportunity to receive breakfast at Buncombe County Schools. For more information regarding the cafeteria, please visit the child nutrition page which can be accessed from the Buncombe County website.  This is also where the school menus can be found.
Here are some fun activities that are always worthwhile activities to do with your student:

While looking through books or magazines, this is a good time to practice a number of things.  If your student has a voice output device, you might practice finding the items you are reading about within the device.  This is also a good way to practice any sign language that your student might be working on.  For others, reading time is a good time to practice answering questions with complete sentences or retelling what has been read.  Sequencing what order things within the reading have happened can also be a lot of fun.

A similar activity can be done while looking at photographs, using these to identify familiar people, places, and activities.