About Us

Progressive Education Program is a K-12+ school serving approximately 150 students with moderate to severe physical and intellectual disabilities. 

Two schools, The Orthopedic School and Lucy Herring School combined to make Progressive Education Program officially in 1994!

Currently, PEP has 24 classrooms to accommodate the individual needs of our students. 

PEP students are initially referred to us by their IEP teams when the needs of the student cannot be met in the traditional school setting. 

PEP provides individualized classroom instruction by skilled special education teachers along with instructional assistants, related services staff, adapted physical education teachers, a blended arts teacher and job coaches. 

PEP provides a nurturing and safe learning environment which promotes positive experiences and fosters self-esteem in our students. 

We value our students as individuals and embrace their unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

TC Roberson District