Listening and Learning

Dr. Jackson continued his full-day visits by spending some time with the students and staff in the Progressive Education Program. 

According to Principal Melanie Ramsey, The Progressive Education Program was planned in the early 1990s. Their single school was once two schools, The Orthopedic School and Lucy Herring School.  After a long and challenging public debate, it was decided to build PEP on three campuses in South Asheville: Estes Elementary, Valley Springs Middle, and TC Roberson High School. The Progressive Education Program officially opened in 1994. PEP currently serves 150 students with a staff of 153 teachers, support staff, nurses, and bus drivers!

“The most dedicated, caring staff and open communication create a wonderful atmosphere for our students,” said Ms. Ramsey. “We function as an extended family, putting the individual needs and well-being of our students first. We celebrate successes no matter how small.”